About Us

We are Authorized Distributors for Adaptive Micro Systems, and we offer specialized and customized indoor and outdoor sign applications. We carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor computerized signs. All signs are programmable from an IBM-compatible computer, and many come with a hand-held remote control keyboard as well.

We carry small, medium and large programmable signs; single and multiple line models; one-color or multiple color models; and indoor or outdoor models. We will provide message boards in any size or configuration to fit your exact specifications and requirements. Indoor and outdoor models are equipped with bright LED's or LED clusters and attractive enclosures.

We offer a variety of messaging and application software programs, and our programmers can write or customize sign software to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We install stand-alone signs and networks of multiple signs. A network can be several signs located in one building, or a network can be one or more signs in multiple locations.