• 25' RS232 Cable (RJ12-RJ12)

25' RS232 Cable (RJ12-RJ12). This is a 25-foot long, one-piece, six-conductor, silver satin, straight-through data cable. Applications: This cable may be used with an Alpha RS232 Modular Adapter for RS232 serial communications from a computer or PLC with a DB9M Serial Port to an Alpha or Betabrite sign with an RJ12 Serial Port. This cable may be substituted for the 1-foot long RS232 Cable that is included with the Alpha BLE Adapter to extend the distance between the Alpha or Betabrite sign and the Alpha BLE Adapter. Disclaimers: There are distance limitations for RS232 devices and applications. Some RS232 devices may not transmit or receive RS232 communications over this distance.  

25' RS232 Cable (RJ12-RJ12)

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