Betabrite 1036 Programming Manual
Part number: 9703-6001G
Revision date: 11/26/2001
Title: BetaBrite™ Programming Manual
Description: This 52-page document describes how to program a model 1036 BetaBrite™ one-line sign using a handheld infrared remote control.

Note: The model 1036 BetaBrite™ signs were introduced in 1998. The manual for older BetaBrite™ signs (models 1026 and 1040), can be found here.

Note: The Spanish version of this manual is 9703-6009.

Note: The Portuguese version of this manual is 9703-6008.

In the "G" version of the manual, information was added to emphasize that when power is removed from the BetaBrite™ sign, the sign's time must be reset. Also, the BetaBrite™ signs cannot be connected into networks like Alpha signs.

BetaBrite™ Programming Manual (1.7MB)