Full-Color RGB Displays

Indoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs - Red

Outdoor LED Signs - RGB

Single Line LED Signs

Signs That Display One or Two Lines

1 or 2 Line Display Brochure

AlphaEclipse StreetSmart 17mm Monochrome

44 to 176-inches wide
1 to 16 lines of text
Red or Amber
256 Shades

125º Visibility
2.7" to 20.7 " tall characters

Discontinued Indoor Alpha Displays

One line Tri-Color Indoor Displays

1 Line Display Brochure

Four line Tri-Color Indoor Displays

4 Line Display Brochure

Signs That Display Eight Lines

8 Line Display Brochure
Alpha 420C NEMA 12 LED Indoor Display

Alpha 420R NEMA 12 LED Indoor Display

Discontinued Outdoor Alpha Displays

Full Color R-G-B

Alpha 790i Incandescent Display Alpha Solar LED Sign

Alpha Eclipse 2600 LED Sign

Alpha Eclipse 2601 LED Sign Alpha Eclipse 3500 LED Sign Alpha Eclipse 3501 LED Sign Alpha Eclipse 3600 Red/ Amber LED Sign Alpha Eclipse 3600 RGB Color LED Sign