Network Configurations
Part number: 9708-8046A
Revision date: 2/27/1998
Title: Alpha LED Sign Network Configurations

Contains detailed information on the various ways to connect one or more standard Alpha™ signs and clocks to a computer. It describes RS232, RS485, Modem, Wireless, and Local Area Network connectivity options with schematic drawings and detailed information on cabling and connectors (including pin-out drawings). Users of older Alpha signs will find this manual helpful, since it describes components, such as the T-Connector, that are no longer available and are not described in newer manuals.

Este manual también está disponible en español (This manual is also available in Spanish) 9708-8845.

NOTE: The Network Configurations manual has been replaced by the Networking Alpha Signs manual 9700-0112, which for newer Alpha signs, replaces the Network Configurations manual.


Alpha LED Sign Network Configurations (1.6 MB)