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The purpose of this brief overview is to share key principles and examples to guide your actions in becoming a lean manufacturer with a laser like focus!


It is unlikely that tomorrow’s customer will become less demanding. Therefore, today’s business must focus on satisfying the customer in an even more competitive marketplace. Satisfying the customer while making a profit requires extraordinary acts of flexibility, impeccable quality and incredible asset efficiency. Companies committed to becoming lean are finding incredible success in their ability to satisfy the customer and increase market share.

What if your business could achieve…

  • 40% - 50% Reduction in cycle time
  • 25% - 35% Reduction in set up time
  • 35% - 45% Reduction in down time
  • 30% - 40% Improvement in productivity
  • 25% - 35% Reduction in WIP
  • 35% - 45% Reduction in scrap
  • 40% - 80% Reduction in travel distance
  • 20% - 30% Reduction in floor space

Companies fully engaged in lean manufacturing programs have achieved results like these.

Key Lean Principles

1. Define value precisely from the end customer perspective.
2. Identify the entire value stream for each product line and eliminate waste.
3. Make the value added activities flow.
4. Provide what the customer wants only when the customer wants it.
5. Pursue perfection through continuous improvement. When lean principles are applied throughout the value stream, odd things begin to happen:

Cornerstones of an Effective Lean Program

Create an Exciting Culture

  - at every level of the organization.  

Empower a Participative Environment

  - including those closest to the work.  

Provide Meaningful Visual Measurements

  - metrics that align with business objectives.  

Organize a Visual and Orderly Workplace

  - "a place for everything and everything in its place".  

Encourage a Continuous Learning Environment

  - managing for daily improvement

Performance Metrics

Useful, accurate, current and visible measurements are the scores required to empower your lean teams to continuously improve your company’s performance.

Discover the dynamics of measurements:

  • The measurement system is the bedrock of any change process.
  • Measures will be constantly changing.
  • Move towards driving metrics vs. lagging reports.
  • Information requirements increase as you get closer to lean.
  • Speed of information will grow faster than productivity gains.

Characteristics of useful manufacturing measurements:

  • Reflects customer requirements.
  • Coordinates with other goals.
  • Quantifies success.
  • Targets waste elimination.
  • Drives proactive improvement.
  • Extremely visible.

What are Adaptive’s Visual Workplace Solutions?

"If you can’t see your data, does it really exist?"

Think about it. How much have you spent on information systems and equipment that create great reports that are reviewed after the fact? What if key elements of these reports were available to the people that really need them, instantly?


In order to support the key principles of Lean Manufacturing programs Adaptive has produced a family of Visual Workplace Solutions designed specifically to deliver key lean performance metrics to the people that need them the most. Adaptive LED message displays are your performance scoreboards to achieve impressive gains in a lean environment.

What’s the Score?

Selecting what information you need displayed is critical to an effective Lean Manufacturing program. As time goes on and your processes improve you’ll find that your lean teams need different data to take their next steps.

Lean Performance Scores and Metrics

Putting the right data in front of the right people will yield instant results and improve morale at the same time.


  • Output per labor hour
  • Direct labor per unit
  • Indirect labor per unit
  • Units per hour or hours per unit
  • Overhead cost per unit


  • Setup time
  • On time delivery
  • Value added ratio
  • Reject rate
  • Rework cost
  • First pass quality
  • Cycle time
  • Material Scrap

Get Started Today!

Provide your workforce with the scores they need to reach the next level.

It can be as easy as hooking any Alpha LED Sign onto your Ethernet network and updating the display from anywhere by making entries into an Excel™ spreadsheet. Of course, you can use any of your other Windows™ tools to create real time live data feeds to displays all over your facility. Yes, it’s really that simple!!!