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Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control


Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control is a toolkit for programmers -- a set of programming utilities to simplify the creation of software programs that communicate between business applications and Alpha message centers.

Any application that supports the use of ActiveX controls can be interfaced easily to Alpha message centers using Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control. Such ActiveX applications include:

  • Manufacturing software with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Business applications, including Microsoft Excel
  • Development environments, including Visual Basic and Visual C++

Includes tools to trigger messages, alarms and display real-time information.

Easy to install and configure. New and existing software applications can be modified to include the Alpha marquee driver in minutes.

Communicates with Alpha message centers via LAN and TCP/IP or via most Serial COM Port protocols.


  • Display real-time production statistics.
  • Broadcast event and alarm conditions.
  • Control text attributes such as color, font, flashing, etc.
  • Display your existing database messages.
  • All options can be set programmatically at run time.
  • Ethernet LAN and TCP/IP supported.
  • Serial communication protocols supported.
  • Easy to install and use.

Software Features Include


  • Initializes the network connection and the display


  • Changes the current operational mode of the display (Statistics vs. Alarms)


  • Sends a soft reset to the display


  • Updates a variable field on the display


  • Sends a text string to the display desired


  • Adds an alarm to the control's alarm queue

AlarmAck/AlarmAck All:

  • Removes one or all alarms from the control's alarm queue

Software Kit Contents

  • Software and documentation on CD-ROM

Sales Literature and Reference Manuals

Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control Product Brochure 2.2 MB PDF
Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control Installation Instructions
Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control Developer's Reference Manual

Download Acrobat Reader Here

System Requirements

  • IBM-compatible PC with CD-ROM drive and mouse
  • VGA or SVGA color monitor
  • 16 MB RAM or greater
  • Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 operating system
  • 486 processor or better

Alpha Models Supported

  • Alpha 210C, 215C, 215R and 220C
  • Alpha 320C and 330C
  • Alpha 4000 Series, including NEMA models
  • Alpha 7000 Series, including NEMA models
  • Alpha Premiere 9000 models
  • Alpha Big Dot and BetaBrite Big Dot
  • Alpha Director and BetaBrite Director models
  • Alpha Personal Priority Display (PPD)
  • Alpha Window Display and BetaBrite Window Display
  • Alpha Solar models
  • Alpha Eclipse 2500, 2600, 2601, 3500, 3501, and 3600 models

Prices and Ordering Information

  • There are three ways to obtain prices:
    • Call Alpha-American Programmable Signs at 1-800-223-4636.
    • Send an e-mail request for prices.
    • Use our Request Form.
  • 7.75% California Sales Tax is added to sales of items delivered in California, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Actual shipping charges are added to each order.
  • Various terms are available.

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