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The Alpha 4240C LED Electronic Sign is a state-of-the-art indoor, full matrix, tricolor LED Sign. The Alpha 4240C LED sign displays one or two lines of text, graphics, and animations, and it can be networked together with other Alpha, AlphaPremiere, and AlphaVision displays using RS485 or Ethernet connectivity.

The Alpha 4240C is a versatile indoor LED Sign designed for office, industrial and commercial use. It displays text and graphics in three colors and three rainbow color combinations. The Alpha 4240C is one of the brightest and sharpest indoor displays available.

Messages can be entered using a remote control keyboard that is as easy to understand and use as an ordinary calculator. Automode and Autocolor programming features eliminate the need to learn complicated programming procedures. Within seconds, anyone can create attractive visual messages with attention-getting impact.

Messages may also be entered using a computer and special messaging software.

Messages are enhanced by 25 built-in display modes, multiple colors, multiple text sizes and fonts, user-designed graphics, day, date, time of day and many other special features.

For applications that require multiple LED Signs, any number of Alpha 4240C displays can be connected together to form an integrated system, displaying important information instantly where it is needed.

Focus on the process... When you focus on the process, you're focused on information, productivity, prevention, employee morale and customer satisfaction. To ensure continued productivity and preventive safety, to relay real time communication, to manage quality control, to boost employee morale – count on the Alpha 4240C.


The Alpha 4240C is useful as an information or direction sign in a corridor or at the top or bottom of an escalator in an office building, manufacturing facility, health facility, school or business campus, airport or other transportation terminal, distribution facility, prison, hotel or hospitality complex, convention center or government office building.

The Alpha 4240C can be used to display employee communications that build company loyalty, boost morale and encourage teamwork. Display the company stock price, emphasize safety issues, advertise company-wide events, promote cafeteria specials, announce birthdays and anniversaries, and publish production goals and attainment. The Alpha 4240C will also display real-time information from a production system, from a wireless broadcast service or from an Internet source.

The Alpha 4240C is a highly visible sales tool for a large showroom or sales floor.

The length of the Alpha 4240C makes it appropriate for call center applications. In a 2.1-inch font, forty characters per row, or at least seven or eight ACD statistics fields, can be displayed on a row, with titles for each field on the second row. In a 4.8-inch font, twenty-four characters or at least six ACD fields, can be displayed at once.

The Alpha 4240C in a production environment is perfect for preventive safety messages, quality control maintenance and the continuous real time employee communication that keeps production up and running.

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