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Alpha Communications Protocol


Alpha Communications Protocol is the language of Betabrite, Alpha, Alpha Premiere, Alpha Eclipse, and AlphaVision displays manufactured by Adaptive Micro Systems.

Alpha Communications Protocol has evolved over the past ten years. The Alpha Communications Protocol manual distinguishes between each of the releases of the Alpha Communications Protocol:

Alpha 1.0 - EZ 95
Alpha 2.0
Alpha 3.0

When Adaptive Micro Systems introduces a new sign, the sign is backwards-compatible with earlier protocol releases.

Alpha 2.0 protocol was introduced with the Alpha Premiere models to support the new features in this sign. Alpha Eclipse 2500, 2600, 2601, 3500, and 3501 models also utilize Alpha 2.0 protocol.

Alpha 3.0 protocol was introduced with the Alpha Eclipse 3600 Pure Color models to support the new features in these signs.

Alpha Communication Protocol instructions may be incorporated into any software program that needs to send information to an Adaptive Micro Systems display.

The Alpha Communication Protocol Manual lists every instruction needed to control the communications and display of text, graphics, and animations. It also explains how to sequence and schedule multiple messages. It also explains how to incorporate features such as automatic counters in messages. Control codes are shown for:

  • display modes
  • position on display
  • speed and pause control
  • color selection
  • font and character sizes
  • animations
  • graphics
  • special characters and glyphs
  • time, date, and day display
  • temperature display
  • string files
  • and many other features.

Brochure and Programmer Reference Manuals

Alpha Communications Protocol Summary Brochure 87 KB PDF
Alpha Communications Protocol Manual
Alpha Industrial Communications Protocol Manual
AlphaVision PC Protocol Manual

Download Acrobat Reader here

Alpha Models Supported

  • 210A, 221, 410, 430A, 440A, 460A, 480A, 710, 715
  • 213C, 215C, 215R, 220C
  • 320C, 330C
  • 4080C, 4120C, 4120R, 4160C, 4160R, 4200C, 4200R, 4240C, 4240R
  • 7080C, 7120C, 7160C and 7200C
  • Premiere 9080C, 9120C, 9160C, 9200C, 9240C
  • Big Dot
  • Director
  • Window Display
  • Personal Priority Display (PPD)
  • Solar
  • Eclipse 2500, 2600, 2601, 3500, 3501, 360
  • 420C NEMA 12, 420R NEMA 12
  • 4120C NEMA 12, 4120R NEMA 12, 4240C NEMA 12, 4240R NEMA 12
  • 7120C NEMA 4, 7120C NEMA 4X, 7160C NEMA 4, 7160C NEMA 4X, 7200C NEMA 4, 7200C NEMA 4X
  • AlphaVision Full Matrix
  • AlphaVision Front-Serviceable Character Matrix

Betabrite Models Supported

  • 1040, 1026
  • 1036
  • Big Dot
  • Window Display
  • Director

Technical Support

Technical support for Alpha Communications Protocol is billable, unless you have purchased your display from Alpha-American Programmable Signs. For technical support, please call Alpha-American at (800) 223-4636 or use our Request Form.

Ordering Information

The Alpha Communications Protocol is free. It may be downloaded from our web site by clicking on the links above. A printed copy of the Alpha Communications Protocol Manual is available. Please call Alpha-American at (800) 223-4636 for prices or use our Request Form.

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