Alpha Discrete Input Interface


Trigger messages on any Alpha display simply and economically!

The Alpha Discrete Input Interface accepts inputs from photoelectric cells, limit switches, proximity sensors, PLC I/O blocks, relays, push buttons, contact closures or any discrete, BCD, binary, or up/down counting device or sensor.

Alpha LED Signs with standard Alpha firmware will store and display up to 80 messages and up to 90 variables. The messages are created and stored using the Alpha infrared keyboard or using software, such as the Alpha File Loader program or the Alpha Messaging software program.

The Alpha Discrete Input Interface is programmed to trigger specific messages when the corresponding input on the Alpha Discrete Input Interface is closed.

The Alpha Discrete Input Interface connects to as many as 32 contacts in blocks of 8 inputs. The interface mounts on a standard 35mm DIN rail and is easily connected to power, contacts and RS485 serial communications to the Alpha marquees.


  • Easy connectivity to switches, contacts, photo eyes, proximity sensors, relays, PLC I/O blocks, etc.
  • Configurations for discrete, binary (parallel) and up/down counting and BCD standard options, field adjustable.
  • Inputs with 24 VDC sink or source capabilities.
  • Quick message creation in the display corresponding to the appropriate contacts via the handheld remote or the Alpha Messaging Software.
  • Simple interfacing to Alpha displays via a RS485 network.


  • Sensing devices in factories.
  • Monitoring of equipment in water treatment facilities.
  • Production line alerts.


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