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Electrical Guidelines
Temperature Protection

Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign Models

Technical Support


  • The Alpha Eclipse 1500 is an single-color electronic LED outdoor sign that can display the time and the temperature in Fahrenheit and/or Centigrade.
  • The Alpha Eclipse 1500 is one of the brightest and sharpest outdoor time and temperature displays available.
  • Two Alpha Eclipse 1500 signs can be connected together and synchronized.
  • An optical sensor enables the LEDs to automatically dim at dusk and automatically brighten at dawn. The user may specify the dimming percentage.
  • The display font is selectable.
  • The user may specify the hold time for each display screen.
  • In the event of a power loss, a backup battery in the Alpha Eclipse 1500 provides short-term power to retain the time, dimming percentage, and hold time settings.
  • Super-bright, daylight-visible LEDs provide over 100,000 hours of continuous operation, significantly outlasting comparable incandescent lamps.
  • Alpha Eclipse 1500 displays consume less than 1/40th the power of incandescent Time and Temperature displays, providing significant savings in electricity costs.
  • The Alpha Eclipse 1500 has a weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Each sign face is front-serviceable.
  • A back-to-back model consists of two signs connected together by communications wire.
  • The Alpha Eclipse 1500 display is energy-efficient and easy to operate, install and service.
  • A limited five-year warranty is provided


Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign is designed for industrial and commercial use.

The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign is designed for high-visibility, high-traffic applications.

The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign is the perfect attention-grabbing solution for businesses where message centers are not permitted or where the cost of a message center is prohibitive.

Attract attention with an eye-catching Time and Temperature display to dramatically increase your company sales and profits.


A palm-sized Remote Control device (cabled) is used to set the time, to specify the hold time for each screen, to set the dimming percentage, and to specify which functions to display: 12- or 24-hour time, Fahrenheit temperature, and/or Centigrade temperature. A computer is not required.


Each Alpha Eclipse 1500 sign has two horizontal angle irons across the back of the sign. One is even with the top and one is even with the bottom. Provide a matching pair of angle irons on your wall, pole, or monument, and installation is very simple.

If the sign is mounted to a solid surface like a wall, nothing should block the space between the top, bottom, and sides of the sign and the solid surface.

If there is an obstruction, as in a monument-style installation, then run duct work (not supplied) from the bottom of each fan cover to the side edge of the sign. Do not run duct work to the top of the sign, since rain or other material could enter the sign. Do not run the duct work to the bottom of the sign, since this could force exhaust air back into the sign.

Electrical Guidelines

  • Run power wiring from a switched, fused power source.
  • Install a two-pole disconnect device in the building wiring for each branch circuit supplying the sign.
  • Run separate conduits to the sign for power and communication connections.
  • Make all electrical connections watertight.
  • Make sure the sign is properly earth grounded. The sign's support structure should not be used as ground.
  • Use minimum 80???C copper wire only. Torque terminals to 7-10 inch/pounds.

The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature Displays are available with 120V or 240V AC power.

The Alpha Eclipse 1500 does not ship with a power cord.

Your electrician must provide conduit, connectors and wiring to properly connect and seal the electrical connections inside and outside the sign and the junction box (not included).

Temperature Protection

The Alpha Eclipse 1500 will start and operate at temperatures from -40 to 131F (-40 to 5C).

The sign is protected from extreme temperatures by heaters and cooling fans. These are activated by the internal temperature of the sign, not the external temperature.

  • At or below 4C (40F), an internal heater strip will automatically turn on. Air warmed by the heater strip will be blown by a fan throughout the enclosure. If the temperature rises to or above 16C (60F), the internal heaters will turn off.
  • At or above 29C (15ºF), a cooling fan will automatically turn on. If he temperature drops to 19C (67F), then the cooling fans will turn off. At or above 70C (15F), over-temperature dimming will occur. The LED output of the sign will automatically be reduced to 50% of its maximum output. If the temperature falls to 68C (154F) then over-temperature dimming will stop.

Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temp Models

Alpha Eclipse 18"
125° Viewability
Outdoor LED
Master Units

Agency Approvals
:120VAC -ETL/ETL "C" Listed
1165-1113 Master Unit - 120V - Amber
1165-1114 Master Unit - 120V - Red
1165-1213 Master Unit - 240V - Amber
1165-1214 Master Unit - 240V - Red
Alpha Eclipse 18"
125° Viewability
Outdoor LED
Slave Units

Agency Approvals
:120VAC -ETL/ETL "C" Listed
1165-1313 Slave Unit - 120V - Amber
1165-1314 Slave Unit - 120V - Red
1165-1413 Slave Unit - 240V - Amber
1165-1414 Slave Unit - 240V - Red
Alpha Eclipse 18"
125° Viewability
Outdoor LED
Back-to-Back Units

Agency Approvals
:120VAC -ETL/ETL "C" Listed
1165-2113 Back-to-Back Unit - 120V - Amber
1165-2114 Back-to-Back Unit - 120V - Red
1165-2213 Back-to-Back Unit - 240V - Amber
1165-2214 Back-to-Back Unit - 240V - Red

Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temp Features

  • Multiple Connectivity Options – Two Alpha Eclipse 1500 units may be connected together in a Master-Slave configuration. The twi signs must be within 25 feet of each other..
  • Dimming Feature – The brightness of the LEDs may be dimmed by a built-in optical sensor. You may specify the percentage of brightness to be dimmed. The dimming feature can be disabled, if necessary..
  • Overheating Protection - Automatic internal controls determine when the internal temperature of the sign is too hot to continue normal operation. Ambient external temperature and heat generated by the LEDs affect the internal temperature. As the temperature inside the sign rises, cooling fans are switched on. When the temperature falls below the cooling fan threshold, the fans turn off. If the temperature continues to rise, auto-dimming occurs, and the display goes into a reduced power mode, dimming the brightness of the LEDs until the temperature falls below the auto-dimming threshold level. For adequate ventilation, allow at least 1 inch clearance all around the sign.
  • DIP Switches - DIP switches located on the controller board inside the sign can be used to set:
    • Time Mode - 12 or 24 Hour
    • Length of Hold Time
    • Dimming Percentage
    • Any Combination of Time and Temperature
    • Temperature in Fahrenheit
    • Temperature in Centigrade
    • Display Fahrenheit as ° and Centigrade as c
    • Display Centigrade as ° and Fahrenheit as F
    • Set Font to use - Square or Rounded
    • Run Diagnostics:
      • Segment Scan - Display each segment on all characters in sequence
      • Lamp Test - Lights all the LEDs of all characters, alternating between square and round corners.
      • Temperature Test - Displays the internal temperature of the sign in Centigrade.
      • Internal Component Test
  • Control Box - The following features are set using the Control Box:
    • Hours
    • Minutes
    • Hold Time
    • Dimming Percentage
  • Technical Assistance and Support – Ongoing customer assistance for installation issues and technical support are provided by Alpha-American Programmable Signs at no additional charge.
  • Programming Assistance and Training – Our experienced instructors and technicians are available by telephone or on site in your location.
  • Internet Support – Documentation is available on our web site.
  • 120V or 240V – The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign can be ordered with 120V or 240V AC power.
  • Attractive Enclosure – The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign has an attractive architectural case design that integrates easily into existing sign applications.
  • Mounting Hardware – Each Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign includes mounting hardware for wall or pole mounting. Fasteners to attach the sign to a ceiling, wall, or counter are not supplied; however, additional mounting hardware for wall mount or pole mount applications is available as an extra charge option. The specific type of fastener required will vary depending on the physical characteristics of the material (drywall, concrete, brick, wood, etc.). Each of the fasteners that you use must be capable of supporting four (4) times the weight of the sign. An overhead support, wall or counter should also be capable of supporting four times the weight of the sign.
  • Five-Year Warranty – The Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign has a five-year USA factory warranty. After the warranty expires, the Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temperature LED Sign components will be repaired and returned for time and materials charges.

Alpha Eclipse 1500 Time and Temp Specifications

  • Character Size: 17.3" (44 cm) H x 8.3" (21 cm) W
  • Pixel Wavelength: Red LEDs - 626 nm; Amber LEDs - 592 nm
  • Pixel Viewing Angle: 125° Horizontal
  • Power Cord: Not provided.
  • Power Specifications: 120V AC or 240V AC 
  • Case Material: Extruded aluminum with Lexan Face.
  • Limited Warranty: Five-year parts and labor, factory servicing
  • Agency Approvals:
    • North America:
      • US Emissions: FCC Part 15, Class A
      • US Safety: ANSI/UL 1950-Third Edition.
    • Canada:
      • Safety: CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 950-95 3rd Edition and ICES-003, Class A.
    • Europe:
      • Emissions: EN 55022 (CISPR 22); Class A Immunity: EN 55024
      • Harmonics/Flicker: IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3
      • Safety: IEC 60950: 1991 (plus amendments); EN 60950: 11992 + A1, A2, A3, A4, and A11 CE Marking
    • Australia/New Zealand:
      • Safety: AS/NZS 3260: 1996
  • Operating Temperature: -44º to 122ºF, -40º to 50ºC
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 95% non-condensing
  • Made in the USA

Related Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Angle Iron for Wall or Pole
  • Packing Materials – Crate and Styrofoam
  • Power Supply 200W 85-264-5 (4065-6112)
  • Additional UV-Protected Cable for Temperature Probe (7122-0401)
  • Surge Suppressor Capacitor - 2 per sign (3035-0012)
  • Exhaust Thermostat - CLOSE >85°F OPEN <87°F (3067-0758)
  • Photo Cell (1160-9004SP)
  • Temperature Probe (1170-9006SP)

Related Documentation

Software Available

Software is not required with this display.

Technical Support

  • Hardware:
    • From Distributor, Alpha-American Programmable Signs
    • From Manufacturer, Adaptive Micro Systems
  • Programming:
    • From Alpha-American Programmable Signs
    • From Adaptive Micro Systems

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  • Shipping charges are added to each order.
  • Submit orders by fax, mail, e-mail or telephone.
  • Various terms are available.

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