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Alpha Message Loader


The Alpha Message Loader records and stores programming information (messages, text, graphics, animations, data, etc.) for Alpha LED displays that are equipped with Alpha EZ95 and EZII Communications protocol. The Alpha Message Loader can be programmed by a personal computer with messaging software, or the Alpha Message Loader can read a message directly from the memory of an Alpha, BetaBrite, or AlphaEclipse sign that has been programmed by computer and software or by a handheld remote keyboard.

The Alpha Message Loader works with both indoor and outdoor message centers. It works as an infrared transmission device with Alpha and BetaBrite signs that are equipped with infrared receivers. It works as a serial transmission device with Alpha signs that don't have infrared receivers (AlphaEclipse models).

Once messages are stored in the Alpha Message Loader, they can be transmitted (transferred, downloaded, or copied) into one or more Alpha, BetaBrite, and AlphaEclipse displays (any model).


The Alpha Message Loader eliminates the need to re-enter the same information into multiple signs individually using the handheld remote programming keyboard, saving time and ensuring message accuracy and consistency.

The Alpha Message Loader also eliminates the need for costly wiring and cable connections from a computer to one or more Alpha message centers.

Allows you to save messages that have been composed by the handheld remote programming keyboard into the memory of an Alpha or BetaBrite display.


Has three separate memory areas that will hold three different sets of messages simultaneously.

Works with a serial cable connection for programming signs without an infrared receiver. Works by infrared transmission when programming signs that have a built-in infrared receiver. Works with a serial cable when being programmed by a computer with messaging software.


Simplifies the programming of signs in areas where it is impossible to use cabled connectivity solutions, such as in already constructed schools, schools in campus environments, finished prisons, and business in multiple office buildings.

Saves messages that have been typed into an Alpha or BetaBrite display with the infrared remote programming keyboard.


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