Alpha Cable Remote Programming Keyboard

Alpha Cable Remote Keyboard

Call 1-800-223-4636 to order a new or replacement Alpha cable remote keyboard for your Alpha electronic sign.  

There are two versions of the cable remote keyboard. One is shown in the photo above. The other looks similar, but is marked Alpha 2100 at the top. The two keyboards are interchangeable; though a few of the buttons invoke different functions on their respective signs.

The keyboard is used to program text and message sequences. On some signs, the remote control keyboard can perform utility functions, such as clearing memory and setting a sign's time.

Alpha Cable Remote Keyboard

The Alpha 2100 Cable Remote Keyboard is used on the Alpha 210 and 221 models. The Alpha Cable Remote Keyboard shown above is used on the Alpha 430, 440, 460, 480, 710, 715, and 790i models. Both Alpha Cable Remote Keyboards have a 12-foot long, 14-conductor ribbon cable that attaches to the sign.

You may download various manuals for signs that use the Alpha Cable Remote Keyboard. Find the manuals for your sign below under Manuals.

Older Alpha signs can also be programmed using software. See Programming Alpha Signs With Software below.

Older Alpha signs that used the Alpha Cable Remote Keyboard provide outstanding performance with or without the keyboard. Many of the earliest Alpha signs are still operating flawlessly today after more than twenty years of operation. Alpha signs have very bright, easy-to-read LEDs, and your Alpha sign should continue to serve you well for years to come, unless you lose the power supply, or the sign fails.

Certain power supplies and some of the repair components for older Alpha signs are no longer available, but if your sign needs repair, please contact us, and we'll let you know if we can fix your sign.

Programming Alpha Signs With Software

You can use AlphaNet software and RS485 connectivity items to program your Alpha sign by computer.

Using AlphaNet software to program your sign is a much better programming solution than using either the cable remote keyboard. Editing messages on a computer screen is MUCH easier than editing messages on the screen of the sign and in sign memory.

Older Alpha sign models can use either RS485 connectivity items or Ethernet connectivity items. Click here for additional information.

Modified Firmware

Some Alpha signs have modified firmware, so they can be used in special applications, such as News Ticker, Stock Ticker, Sports Ticker, or Lottery displays, or as ACD readerboards for specific phone systems. Alpha signs with modified firmware often will not work with an Alpha programming keyboard or with Alpha software. You may be able to order a replacement firmware chip by calling 1-800-223-4636.


Manuals with Cable Remote Keyboard Instructions

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