Alpha File Loader

Alpha File Loader is designed to compose and store messages, animations, and graphics in specific memory areas of Alpha and Betabrite signs. It is a full-featured software program that provides a message editor for each Alpha or Betabrite memory area. Each editor has pull-down menus for modes, positions, characters, colors, speeds, animations, international characters, special characters, editing features, and more. Each editor has its own message simulator that displays the message exactly as it will display on the Alpha or Betabrite sign.

Alpha File Loader program was designed for two types of users:

A sign could have a stored message list like this:

The Infrared Keyboard can be used to RUN A or RUN B or RUN ABC.

Alpha File Loader meets the needs of these users. It allows multiple lists of messages to be composed easily, saved on disk, and a selected list of messages can be transmitted quickly to an Alpha or Betabrite sign. Saved messages can be retrieved from disc, modified, and transmitted to the sign. Alpha File Loader supports RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, and UDP connectivity. It will automatically play one message, selected messages, or all messages when the messages are transmitted to the sign(s), and it can trigger special devices, such as strobe lights, stack lights, and alarms.

Software Technical Support

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