Alpha Remote Messaging System

The Alpha Remote Messaging System allows multiple users to create, edit, update, and transmit messages from their own PC on a LAN to one or more Alpha LED Signs. The messages running on the Alpha sign are displayed on the workstation screen when the Alpha Remote Messaging Editor is opened for that sign.

Shared Messaging -- This software application was designed for situations where multiple users of one or more Alpha signs need to access and update messages using their own computers.

Selecting your Alpha sign -- The following screen illustrates how a user selects the sign that he or she wants to update. Any name can be defined to describe the sign on this screen:

Alpha Remote Messaging – This network-based program allows multiple users to compose, modify and send messages to the same Alpha display(s). It solves the problem of one user's messages replacing another user's messages on the same sign. The Alpha Remote Messaging System creates and maintains a message database that is shared by all users.

Display Features

Messaging programs invoke the following display features:

Software Technical Support

All of these programs and software tools are supported by the knowledgeable and experienced programmers, instructors, technicians and application support personnel at Alpha-American Programmable Signs.

Assistance is available by telephone, on site in your location, by e-mail, or online at this informative web site.