Alpha Web Ticker Software

Program your LED Sign and Electronic Message Display from your desktop Windows-based PC and include real-time information -- sports, news, financial, stocks, etc. -- from the Internet. Preview your messages after you compose them. Alpha Web Ticker Software comes complete with everything you need to get your message moving in the right direction. Program your messages easily with a message editor and pull-down menus. Adjust your messages easily and quickly.

Alpha Web Ticker Software connects with most Alpha electronic message displays. It's easy to use, easy to install, and real-time data keeps your messages current and interesting. Make your communication more efficient and effective using Alpha Web Ticker Software.

Display Features

Messaging programs invoke the following display features:

Advanced Features

Software Technical Support

All of these programs and software tools are supported by the knowledgeable and experienced programmers, instructors, technicians and application support personnel at Alpha-American Programmable Signs.

Assistance is available by telephone, on site in your location, by e-mail, or online at this informative web site.