Alpha Takt-Time

Alpha Takt-Time is a software program that displays count down Takt-time on Alpha LED displays. Takt-time is a measure of the time a specific task should take. Displaying remaining Takt-time provides an important performance statistic to those managing and those working on a task. Takt-time scheduling requirements vary widely, and Alpha Takt-Time allows total flexibility in setting Takt-time targets.

Program Features

Daily Takt-Time Preview

Displays start time, projected finish time, and total Takt time for each roll (task).

Break Schedule Selector

Break schedules may be specified for each day of the week. Shut Down days, days when no Takt-time count is shown on the displays, may be specified. Total Available Work Time (the total hours and minutes of work time) is derived from the selected Takt-Time schedule.

Multiple Break Schedules

There are currently four Break Schedules: 8, 10, 12, and 5 hour schedules. These schedules have customized Break Labels (descriptions). Break Schedules specify Start-of-Day, End-of-Day and the time span for the breaks. Available-Work-Time is derived from these values. The Total-Available-Work-Time is calculated and shown for each schedule.

Custom Messages

Alpha Takt-Time displays can also show customized supervisor messages. An easy-to-use message editor makes composing and previewing attractive, eye-catching messages fast and easy. Messages may include text, graphics and animations. Messages may be sent to specific displays, to groups of displays, or to all displays. Supervisor messages are displayed in alternating sequence with Takt Time. By default, Break Time supersedes supervisor messages, with no supervisor messages displayed during break times. The Default display rules may be changed or customized during Alpha Takt-Time system installation.