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Get Information – This Diagnostics utility can retrieve the following information from one or more displays:

Firmware Revision, Time, General Information

  • Serial Address
  • Firmware Part Number
  • Firmware Date
  • Speaker Status: Enabled or Disabled
  • Total User Memory
  • User Memory Available
  • Unit Time
  • Time Format: 12-hour AM/PM format or 24-hour Military Time format
  • Unit Day of Week
  • Unit Date

Standard Text and Dot File Information

  • Memory Configuration by Memory Area
    • Text and/or Dot Files
    • File Sizes
    • Locked from Keyboard Editing or Not
    • Number of Colors Used in Dots Files
    • Run Schedules
    • Run Sequence
    • Run Sequence Status

Counter Setup Information

  • Counter Data
  • Counter Output File Name

Quick Flick Information

  • Displays whether or not the Quick Flick feature is supported by the sign.

Outdoor Temperature Offset

  • If the Temperature feature is supported by the sign, this utility displays the Temperature Offset value.

Serial Error Status

  • Displays an error message, if an error has occurred.

When the Select Addresses >> button is clicked, the Address Space screen prompts for a sign address list selection for the Get Information query:

Once one or more sign addresses are selected, the Get Information utility interrogates each sign and displays a report.
The report may be printed or saved.

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