AlphaNet for Windows

Connectivity Options

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
  • Modem

Messages can be sent using RS232 or RS485 cable, modem, Ethernet network or wireless transmitters and receivers. Specific configurations and parts lists are described in our Networking Alpha Signs manual. Alpha Ethernet networks as used in manufacturing facilities with Gateway, Modbus, Profibus and DeviceNet are described in Networking Alpha Signs - Manufacturing Supplement.

The most common connectivity options are RS232 and RS485. To use either of these options, one or more of the following items are required:

Output Port -- The computer must have at least one available Serial Port, Modem or Network Adapter to communicate to the message center(s).

RS232 or RS485 Items RS232 Items

  • Serial Port Connector
  • RS232 Cable
  • RJ11 Connector

RS232 can be used with all AMS message centers.

RS485 Items

  • RS232 Serial Cable
  • Converter Box
  • RS485 Modular Cables
  • RS485 Network Cable
  • RS485 Network Adapters
  • Repeater Box -- If you have more than 32 AMS message centers or more than 4,000 feet of cable on your network, you may find it necessary to use a Repeater Box.

RS485 can be used with all AMS message centers, except the BetaBrite.

Network Interface Devices

  • Alpha Ethernet Adapter Kit
  • Lantronics MSS100 Ethernet Adapter
  • Lantronics MSS485 Ethernet Adapter

    Modems -- To communicate via modem, your computer must have a modem, and a modem is required at each remote location. Your computer can have either an Internal Modem or an External Modem with a Serial Modem Cable. In the remote location, it must be an External Modem permanently set to "Auto Answer." The RS232 Serial Modem Cable at the remote site is a specially designed cable. The type of Serial Cable connected to the External Modem in the remote site depends on (1) the number of AMS message centers at the remote location, (2) the model of the AMS message centers there, and (3) the distance between the modem and the display, if a single AMS message center is installed. You may order the appropriate cables from Alpha-American Programmable Signs, or you may make your own. Schematic cable diagrams and pin-out connections are provided in the Networking Alpha Signs manual. An analog phone line and phone jack must be installed near each modem.

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