AlphaNet for Windows


AlphaNet for Windows is a full-featured suite of flexible, easy-to-use software programs that provide the tools to create, revise and transmit messages displayed on AMS message centers. Its Message Editor, Site Manager and Message Emulator programs help you create, preview and send messages to your display(s). Windows bitmap (.BMP) graphics files and preprogrammed animations can be incorporated into your text messages. The Counter feature lets messages count up or down in any increment, showing elapsed time, or the minutes, hours and days to an event.

Comm Manager provides real-time status of messages being transmitted. Diagnostics provides many helpful utilities and analysis functions.

AlphaNet for Windows allows users to compose messages that incorporate many of the features available in AMS message centers:

  • Colors
  • Character Heights
  • Character Fonts
  • Character Widths
  • Fixed or Proportional Spacing
  • Display Modes
  • Display Speeds
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • International Characters
  • Special Symbols
  • Day, Date and Time
  • Temperature
  • Individual Display Addressing
  • Message Sequencing
  • Message Scheduling
  • Up and Down Counters by Minute, Hour and Day in any increment
  • Counter Target Messages
  • Concurrent Computer and Remote Keyboard Messaging
  • Diagnostic Features

AlphaNet for Windows dramatically reduces the time it takes to create, modify and send messages; and it eliminates the tedious, time consuming use of the Remote Control Keyboard. Using Message Editor with pull-down menus and function keys is much faster and easier than pushing buttons one at a time on the Remote Control Keyboard.

AlphaNet for Windows almost eliminates "lost" and accidentally erased messages. Stored messages on hard disk or diskette can be conveniently retrieved, transmitted and displayed again instantly. You'll lose no more messages by pressing the wrong key on the Remote Control Keyboard!

Existing messages stored on disk can be easily modified to create new messages. Elaborately designed messages that have already been created and saved on disk or diskette can be used as models for new messages, making it unnecessary to reinvent the design and further reducing the time and effort required to create a new message.

The same messages can be typed in more than one language, English and Spanish, for example, and then displayed in a convenient, alternating sequence. Easily incorporate the international characters and special symbols using the Windows Character Map.

AlphaNet for Windows will transmit one message or a list of messages to one AMS message center or to a group of message centers. Unique lists of messages can be maintained simultaneously for as many message centers as you have. Each message center can have its own message list.

AlphaNet for Windows will send messages to AMS message centers that are locally attached by cable or connected to a modem in a distant location. It will send messages to signs that are connected to an Ethernet network, and it will send messages by radio wave from a transmitter to a wireless receiver.

Sequencing several Messages is much easier, faster and less error prone using AlphaNet for Windows than using the Remote Control Keyboard. Click here for a step-by-step comparison of the two methods of running multiple messages.

AlphaNet for Windows has a Message Scheduling feature that allows you to type messages ahead of time, giving each message a specific start and stop day and time. Once messages have been sent to the AMS message center(s), the messages turn on and off at your predetermined times without human intervention. Daily, recurring messages, such as "Lunch Time Specials" and "Coffee Break Specials" or train and bus schedules, can turn on and turn off at the appropriate times each day. Safety-oriented messages, such as "Lift With Your Legs, Not With Your Back" or "Don't Forget To Wear Your Goggles" can be displayed at different times, instead of at the same time, to achieve maximum effect and variety.

On Screen Message Previewing -- The Message Emulator is an important feature for those who edit messages being sent to a message center in another location. When you are composing an elaborate message, it is helpful to see the message running. First, you type your message. Second, you transmit your work to the display. Third, you watch your message. Fourth, you make any necessary adjustments to the message. Fifth, you transmit the message to the sign again. If you can't see the sign, because it is in another part of the building or at a remote site, then checking your message formats and animations is time-consuming or impossible. The Message Emulator allows you to preview the message on your computer screen.

AlphaNet for Windows allows you to create your own animations. An animation is a sequence of graphic images (pictures) that you have created, played rapidly.

The AlphaNet for Windows manual is comprehensive, well-written and easy-to-use. A printed copy and an Adobe Acrobat file copy are provided. Tutorial exercises, Feature Reference Tables and instructions for installing the software on hard disk are included.

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