AlphaNet for Windows

Site Manager

The Site Manager is a convenient way to group AMS message centers into categories. You can have as many sites listed in the Site Manager as you need. You can have one site per message center, or you can have several message centers in one site. You can group sites together in groups. Each local and remote AMS message center may be given a specific identification code, so that certain messages may sent only to specific displays. Note to BetaBrite users: The BetaBrite does not have an identification code; it receives and displays all properly formatted messages that are transmitted through its cable.

When you setup a site, you are required to enter important information for the message center(s) in the site -- the serial address(es) for the message center(s) in the site, the Serial COM port or connection device being used, the firmware level, the telephone number if a modem is being used, the Cap Code if wireless transmission is being used, whether or not this is an editor transmit site, whether or not error checking should be used, which file contains Counter values, should message centers beep when a message is sent, should messages be transmitted at a later time, what Time Zone are the message centers in, should the use of the Remote Control Keyboard be allowed, are certain memory areas reserved, (for a broadcast service or computer application) and more.

Each site that you create can have its own list of messages and message run times. This allows you to have a unique or special list of messages and message schedules for different signs and groups of signs.

Each site can have the same or different connection options (Local Wired, Modem, Ethernet, etc.) and each site can have one or more Serial Sign Addresses.

Error Checking

Error Checking may be activated to ensure that messages get to the intended AMS message center correctly. Comm Manager checks each transmitted message and notifies the sender when a transmission error occurs. The messages may be easily retransmitted when the error condition is corrected.

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