Call Center Benefits

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Call Center Benefits

The growing popularity of the Call Center has made it a profit center for many companies.

Call Center growth has occurred because:

  1. Call Centers operate with lower costs and deliver better service.
  2. Staffing and coverage is easier in a Call Center.
  3. Call centers can be located in areas with lower pay scales or in areas where the concentration of required or qualified talent is greater.
  4. It is easier to train and have qualified staff on hand.

What does a typical ACD Statistics Display System consist of?

  1. Readerboards for displaying ACD statistics and Supervisor messages.
  2. Software that captures real-time ACD statistics and Supervisor messages, formats the information, and transmits it to one or more readerboards and/or other devices (Supervisor and Agent workstations, pagers, e-mail, etc.)
  3. A computer controller, connected to the phone system and readerboards, on which the software runs.
  4. Cabling between the phone system, computer controller, readerboards and other attached devices.
  5. Installation of computer controller, software, readerboards and cabling.
  6. Training of Supervisors and Agents in the use of the system.

How does management benefit?

  1. Supervisors can manage the Call Center from the floor, instead of from their desk. Being on the floor enables them to handle problem calls, handle training activities, and monitor agent performance.
  2. Supervisors can send messages and instructions to the entire Call Center staff at once.
  3. Improved awareness of real-time call status enables Agents to provide better customer service without management involvement.
  4. The number of Abandoned Calls decrease with the installation of an ACD statistics display system.
  5. Performance bonuses for Supervisors and Agents have the potential to increase as productivity increases.
  6. Resources can be more easily allocated as call volumes change.
  7. Agents can be kept informed at all times about critical business issues.

How do agents benefit?

  1. They can change their status and modify their conversation patterns as the call volume fluctuates.
  2. The number of customers who are unhappy from being on hold too long, drops as hold times drop.
  3. Agents can be kept informed of company events while working.

How does the corporation benefit?

  1. Sales increase.
  2. Technical support costs decline.
  3. Management of increasingly larger sites is easier.
  4. Remote sites can be linked for messaging.
  5. Personnel issues are easier to manage.
  6. Productivity improves.

Who can use an ACD Statistics Display System?

  1. Anyone with an ACD phone system.
  2. Travel agencies.
  3. Reservation offices.
  4. Software companies with inbound Call Centers.
  5. Warranty help desks.
  6. Ticket sellers.
  7. All companies with telephone sales.

How can this be cost justified?

  1. Reducing abandoned calls can increase profitability and/or customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Larger call volumes can be handled with fewer agents.
  3. Employee recognition can reduce turnover.
  4. Inbound and outbound call functions can be integrated in those Call Centers where both activities occur.
  5. The staff is kept informed of company activities.
  6. Hiring and turnover can drop.