Applications For Retail Stores

Quick Tour Guide

Here are several Alpha features and the associated benefits of using ALPHA Display Boards in your store:


Here are two promotional use ideas...

RANDOM WINNER -- Messages can be programmed to display a message at a specific time. Put a sign at the counter and tell everyone that between selected hours (for instance between 12 and 1) it will display the message “WINNER” and sound a tone. The winner gets a free gift, coupon, or whatever you designate. And you can bet that your customers will be watching the sign during the promotion and seeing your other messages … GUARANTEED! This could boost traffic at slow times and encourage repeat visits during busy hours. The fun is that only you know when it will happen. And you can change the gift. Use it to promote traffic at slow hours.

FIND THE SIGN – Set-up a sign in a department that announces a promotion. Tell people at the door to find it to get the benefit. Then watch them walk through your store, looking at your merchandise at the same time. It will actively involve people in your sales.


Alpha Display Boards will: