LED Colors

Quick Tour Guide

How are multiple colors produced?

Multi-color LED's have a red and green LED epoxied together in a single lamp. Most indoor programmable LED Signs today use either all red LED's or they use red and green LED's. To a lesser extent all amber is sometime selected. It is possible to create 256 or more shades of color from red to green using only red and green bi-color LED's. Blue LED's are the most expensive and have the highest brightness. Adding blue LED's to the red and green will give you over 2 million shades of color.

Is it possible to change an LED sign's foreground and background color?

Some signs allow you to set the color of the background or the foreground color. In a red only sign model, this would enable you to have red text on a black background or black text on a red background. In a multi-color sign, you could have a variety of text colors and a variety of background colors. Keep in mind, however, that certain colors and color combinations are more readable and visible than others. The elaborate combinations generally work better at night. In bright sunlight, bright colors on a black background are the easiest to read.

When should red or color LED signs be used?

For simple informational signs, red is often sufficient. Color adds interest and contrast over a monochrome red-only sign. The green and amber colors are considered softer colors and may be more appropriate for some environments. Color signs can be 3 color, (red, amber, and green), 9 colors, (additional shades of red, amber and green), 256 colors, (mixes of red and green) or 262,000 or 4,000,000 for full color displays.